Postural assessment

Posture is not the cause of all ailments, but it goes without saying that good posture reduces them considerably. We live in a very cerebral world which sometimes obscures our proprioception, that is to say our ability to perceive the position of the different parts of our body. We sometimes find ourselves without being aware of it in a posture that is not balanced and which, over time, will create compensations, to the point of creating more serious health problems (hernia, nerve compression, decreased respiratory capacity, inflammation, etc.).

So, it is recommended that you take the time to assess your posture, understand how the body works and improve your ergonomics.

In general, a session lasts about 1 hour and takes place in 3 stages:

• a health questionnaire
• a thorough posture assessment
• the practice of functional exercises

For the session, it is recommended to dress in sports clothes.