Pre and postnatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates allows you to move, in a safe way, while being pregnant. It helps reduce all the ailments, common during pregnancy. It helps better blood circulation and decreases venous stasis. It also prepares for childbirth with labor on deep breathing.

Postnatal Pilates is one of the best postpartum wellness practices that moms can do. Pilates works on alignment of all parts of the body, gives a better posture and a better understanding of this new body after childbirth. Postnatal Pilates refines the muscles to strengthen the abdominal core and thus prevent back pain, shoulder pain and neck strain. The deep breathing in Pilates also helps to better oxygenate the body and the brain which increases focus and brain clarity. It also helps to have a better quality of sleep.

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In general, a Pilates session lasts about 1 hour and takes place in 3 stages:

• a health questionnaire
• a physical assessment
• Pilates exercises specific to the trimester of pregnancy or after childbirth

For the session, it is recommended to dress in sports clothes.