Pilates on Reformer

As a certified Pilates instructor on Reformer, I offer personalized programs for all those who wish to get back in shape, recover after an injury or just curious about Pilates, improve their posture or even reduce their chronic pain.

Pilates on Refomer is excellent for meeting the needs of people with low back and knee problems (eg patellofemoral syndrome), sacroiliac instability, general hypertension and postural imbalance. For several years now, clients have relieved their back problems (herniated disc and other disorders of the spine), neck and knee with the Pilates Method. They improved their posture and regained better physical shape. Chronic headaches for some have diminished, or even disappeared.

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In general, a Pilates session lasts about 1 hour and takes place in 3 stages:

• a health questionnaire
• a physical assessment
• a Pilates session

For the session, it is recommended to dress in sports clothes and wear socks.